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One to ten:

1= ichi, 2 = ni, 3 = san, 4 = shi [yon] 5 = go  6 = roku  7 = shichi 8 = hachi  
9 = ku  10 = jyu.  

Then : 20 = ni - jyu  30 = san -jyu 40 = yon - jyu 70 = nana-jyu 100 = hayakku.

The term to describe the collective protocols of respect as a process shown say, at the beginning of a Kihon or Kata sequence is called "Go-rei"
"Za -rei" is a kneeling bow and "Ritsu-Rei" the standing bow.

Please in Japanese is "Onegai Shimasu". Thank you is "Arigato Gazaimasu"
"Sumimasen" is excuse me or sorry. To let someone know it's OK to pass or step in front of you - "Dozo"

Always agree with Sensei - he knows better than you and acknowledge that you understand his or her instructions by saying "Hai" which means yes. You never disagree with Sensei. You don't need to be able to say No! 

If you wish to say thank you very much add "Domo" to "Arigato Gozaimasu".  "Arigato Gozaimashita" means thank you now and in anticipation of your future gratitude.  See our Reigi page for further details

"Sensei" is teacher and leader of the Dojo. Everyone else who is senior to you is your "Sempai". If you are "Kohai" you are junior. "Shihan" means master and is always a special guest in the Dojo. When performing Kata - the "Uchidachi" assumes the role of teacher to the student "Shidachi" In Kihon and Keiko, it is the "Motodachi" who presents opportunity for the "Kakarite" to practice cutting.

"Hajime" means start and "Yame" - stop. "Kotai" means change as in rotation in line. A natural standing position is know as "Shizentai"."Kamae" often heard in terms of having "Good Kamae" means good stance.  "Kamatae" is a command to assume "Chudan no Kamae" to be "On Guard" To relax after assuming "Chudan no Kamae" is "Yazume".
"Osame To" means to sheath your sword. "Taito" is to hold ones sword against ones hip, horizontal to the ground - ready to draw. "Nuke To" to draw ones sword.  "Sonkyo" to assume a squating "Chudan no Kamae" position.
"Saito!" means fight on! "Ganbatte!" means Go for it! Later you will hear the command "Men Wo Tsuke" put on your armour and "Men Wo Tore" take off your armour. "Shinai Oite" means place your shinai on the floor. "Shinai Wo Motte" means pick up your shinai.
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