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 Reigi are the protocols of respect performed to the Dojo, our seniors and our equipment.  Reigi begins even before we enter the Dojo and is initially expressed   by ensuring that we arrive early enough to prepare ourselves and the Dojo before training is scheduled to begin.

There are three basic types of bow or "Rei". On entering and leaving the Dojo, bend approximately 30 degrees at the waist and look at the floor facing the flag or Kamidana. This is the first of the two "Ritsu Rei". The second is to bend slightly at the waist but to maintain eye contact with the opposing Kendoka. Remembering that your fellow Kendoka is armed! The third type of "Rei" is performed in the formal seated position.

    When performing the "Za Rei" , do not allow your head to touch your hands. Hold you head in such away so as not to allow the neck of your Gi to open thus exposing your naked neck and back to your senior.
[This would be considered most impolite by the Samurai].

Place your hands flat on the floor in front of you forming an equilateral between the forefinger and thumb of both hands.

At the begin of training when performing "Otagai Ni Rei" one says "Onagai Shimasu" before rising and at the end of the training session when performing Otagai Ni Rei one says "Arigato Gozamashita". First time, thanking Sensei and the members of the kai in anticipation of training and second time thanking Sensei and the kai in anticipation of future training.

Shoes must not be worn in the Dojo. Feet should be clean and toe nails short.

If you are the first to arrive - sweep the floor. If you arrive as a group the most junior member should sweep the floor.

Respectfully place your bogu and bags on the floor of the Dojo along the wall furthest from the Kamidana.

There should be no casual discussion in the Dojo. Talking should be kept to a minimum.

If you need to adjust your clothing, armour or shinai, - first perform Osame - To then raise your right hand and walk backward and adopt the Seiza position against a wall away from any Keiko or training exercise.

Always sit in the Seiza position to put on and remove your armour.
[It is acceptable to sit crossed legged when relaxed provided your feet are hidden beneath your Hakama].

Never walk in front of other Kendoka who are sitting on the Dojo floor.

Never step over Bogu, Shinai or Bokuto. Never move another Kendoka's equipment without prior consent.

Always Za - rei to your opponent at the beginning and end of every practice.

When you perform Ritsu Rei to Shomen  you must face the flag. If you reposition your Seiza you must also move your weapon accordingly so that is aligned with the direction you face at all times.

If you need to get past someone say Sumimasen and extend your right hand in front as you pass. If you are happy to be passed say Dozo

At the end of training always pack away your Bogu correctly before leaving the Dojo.


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