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always commences the same way in that, once the floor has been swept and the sempai are dressed in full armour, less their Men and Kote, warm up exercises [Junbi - Taiso] take place. Everyone in the Dojo begins running in line, in a large circle. Three types clapping is used add variation to this exercise. One clap means turn and run in the opposite direction. Two claps means stop and squat - then continue running. Three claps indicates that you should leap upwards reaching towards the ceiling - then continue to run. When "Yame" is called everyone slows to a walking pace until the command is given to form a circle.

Once the circle is formed our Sensei or the Dojo captain will lead formalised, synchronised stretching exercises.

At the end of the stretching exercises the Dojo Captain will shout the command to line up "Seiretsu". At this, everyone collects their
"Bokuto" or "Shinai" [ "Wo Motte" means "Pick up"] as directed by Sensei and lines up in rank order facing the "Shomen".  Furthest from the doorway the Captain, and then Sempai in
descending grading order followed by the "Kohai" in order of wearing Gi and age.
Once everyone is lined up [a second rank is formed in large Dojo] the Captain will call "Chaku za" the instruction to sit in the Japanese formal style. [bending the left knee first] placing the weapon "Shinai [or] Bokuto - Oite" on the floor beside you. [Shinai to the left. Bokuto to the right]. The " Ken sen" or blade tip pointing backwards, the "Tsukagashira" pointing directly ahead with blade edge towards you.

The action of adopting "Seiza" should take place within the space occupied shown in figure A.  Step back with the left foot so that  it is placed in the same spacing as for "Chudan no Kamae" as per Figure 1. Next place the left knee next to the right foot as per figure 2 - Moving the right foot next to the left foot, place the right knee next to the left knee, as in Figure 3. Finally, place the shinai to your left with the blade edge facing the left hand side of your body.

You may choose to place the upper side of you foot on the ground. If so, it is customary to cross the big toes.

     You are now seated in the "Seiza" position.

"Shisei - Wo - Tadashite" tells everyone to sit smartly followed by "Mokuso" - which is an instruction to meditate.

During "Mokuso" lift the body upwards slightly with a straight back [ as though you have been pulled up by a Samurai's "top-knot"] so that you are not resting on your heels. This position enhances your ability to force the diaphragm downwards which enables you to fill your lungs with more air. Slowly controlled inhalation and exhalation is the purpose of this exercise.

 The position of the hands is also important. Place straightened right hand fingers over straightened left hand fingers so that the index fingers are furthest away from you and the upsides of your hand face downwards. The tips of each thumb should then almost touch each other. An oval shape should be formed above the groin and below the navel.

    "Yame" or "Mokuso Yame" indicates the end of "Mokuso".

 Next, three kneeling bows or "Za Rei" take place.


 When bowing to the Buddhist shrine or "Kamidana" the command is "Shinzen Ni...Rei".

When bowing to the "Shomen" - the wall o   behind Sensei where the dojo flag is hung, the  command is "Shomen Ni.... Rei".


 "Sensei Ni....Rei!  Bow to the Dojo leader. "Sensei Gata...Ni Rei" in the presence of more than one sensei. Then  finally,"Otagai Ni - Rei Bow to everyone else present.

 At this point everyone says "Onagai Shimasu" meaning "Please train me".

  Finally, following the lead of the Sensei, everyone picks up their weapon and rises to their feet. [Right foot first]    Sensei will then ask all  members of the "Dojo" to form a circle once more  in order to perform Suburi.  



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