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 The "Shinai" is the first item of Kendo equipment you encounter as a 6th Kyu - "Kohai" in the Meirinkan Kai.

As well as learning how to handle it correctly for Keiko, Suburi and whilst performing Reigi it is important to know the names of its constituent parts and how it should be maintained.

Please see our recommended viewing page for an example of Shinai Maintenance.

It is considered disrespectful to attend the Dojo in dirty and unkempt Gi. Because of the nature of the the way we train we perspire a great deal - the Gi & Hakama should be washed as regularly as necessary to prevent unpleasant odour. More expensive Gi & Hakama are dyed with indigo which also has antiseptic properties which to some degree help to destroy the bacteria which cause the cloth to smell.
The dye also readily bleeds on to anything it contacts - skin, other clothing, the tsukagawa of your shinai etc.,

Do not wash indigo dyed Gi & Hakama with anything else!

      At the end of each session the Gi & Hakama should be folded
and stored well in the Bugu bag.

If folded correctly there is no requirement to "press" your Kendo clothing.

Please see our recommended viewing page for an example of how to fold Kendo Gi & Hakama.

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