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 Grading begins within the Dojo. On initial entry you are regarded as 6th Kyu.
This not a qualification - just where you begin. 

The syllabus is defined by the British Kendo Association as per the direction of the International Kendo Federation. You will be examined by your own Sensei from grades five to two.

Thereafter, you must visit a national grading event to sit Kyu 1 and subsequent Dan gradings. Your Sensei will decide when it is time to grade. Intervals between gradings are not necessarily defined by the amount of time elapsed since your previous exam. Do not expect to pass automatically!

Once you have attained Ni Kyu [2nd], Sensei will advise you when to enter for     Ik -Kyu. On passing Ik-Kyu you must wait three months before attempting Sho-Dan, the first Dan grade. On passing you must wait one year between attempting the next level. If you fail - you may try again at the next national grading. [Usually three months apart].

Your first Kyu grading Go Kyu [5th] takes place usually with in 10 to 15 weeks.
You will be tested on Kendo most basic skills.

You will be expected to know how to wear and pack away your Gi and Hakama correctly. Be able to count in, name in Japanese and perform some Suburi correctly . As well as, some "Bokuto Ni Yoru Kendo Kihon Waza Keiko Ho" and / or some of the early "Nihon Kendo Kata".
You will be expected to be able to strip and reassemble your own Shinai correctly.
A short written written paper [ half an A4 sheet ] may also be expected.

This may take the form of naming the Shinai parts, describing the difference between two Suburi or the finer points of "Ashi-Sabaki" [Foot work] or anything else - at the discretion of Sensei.

An exact requirement will be defined by Sensei as per BKA requirements.
[Currently under review].

Gradings five to two are free of charge. However, we ask that you maintain your Dojo and BKA memberships and insurance.

Please see for the requirements and cost of
Ik - kyu and Dan examiniations.

The syllabus for gradings  5 - 2 will be published shortly. Please check the  home page "ticker tape" regularly for special events and website updates.


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