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 There are many different types of Suburi or cutting exercises  - which are  usually practiced in a circle in synchronisation with the other members of the Kai.

Kendoka also use Suburi as part of "Hitori Keiko" or individual training.

Here are the main Suburi you will use: 

Joge-buri x 50

Men Uchi Ni Kyo Do Suburi x 30

Zenshin Kotai Men Suburi x 50

Mata Wari Suburi x 30

Kote Men Suburi x 30

Sonkyo Suburi x 10

Zenshin Kotai Sayu Men Suburi x 30

Haya Suburi x 50

Shinko Kyu x 10

Suburi practice always begins with Joge Suburi and ends with Shinko Kyu. Joge Suburi  stretches the arms beyond the the point they would be used for the other Suburi and Shinko Kyu involves slowly moving from "Chudan no Kamae" to
"Migi Jodan no Kamae" whilst performing a controlled breathing exercise.

You will learn all of the required Suburi during training.

Zenshin Kotai Men Suburi is similar to Men Uchi Ni Kyo Do Suburi. It differs in that after the first Men cut, a second is delivered on the backward
Ashi -Sabaki as well as the forward step.

Return to "Chudan No Kamae" after the final
cut has been delivered.

Remember that you are aiming to cut the Men of  the person directly opposite you in the circle.
Ensure that the right arm ends each cut in a fully extended position horizontal to the ground.
Do not cut with the right hand - the left hand cuts, the right steers. Relax the shoulders. 
Allow the the cut to unfold joint by joint. Shoulder, elbow, wrist then tighten the "Te-No Uchi" as though wringing a towel.  When raising the sword the launch position the left fist should be no more that one fists width above the forehead [approximately the point on your head that your opponent would like to cut!] This will ensure that your swing end at 45 degrees behind your head.

The maintenance of the correct position
  of the  hands [known as "Te-No-Uchi"] is a
    critical aspect of good cutting technique.  

  It is good practice to check, test and re
  adjust  your "Te-No-Uchi" on as regular
  basis as you should check your shinai for 
    splinter damage.


For authenticity, all direction is given in Japanese as far as possible.
Suburi is directed with the following terms and expressions:

"Kamae" - assume Chudan No Kamae.
"Joge Suburi"- [or any other Suburi]   "San Juppon" - Thirty times.
"Hajime!" - Start!

The caller will mark the end of every ten cuts by calling out the number completed between Ju and Ich.

After twenty cuts for instance " Shichi, Hachi, Ku, Ju, [Ni!] Ich, Ni" .

It is expected that during the final ten cuts, the group will count in a louder voice to mark the fact that we are about to finish the exercise.

After the last cut - everyone holds the position until the command
"Kamae" - assume Chudan No Kamae.
"Yazume" - hold the sword in the relaxed position as you would when taking five steps back from a Kihon or Kata exercise.

It is acceptable to perform stretching exercises whilst waiting for the next Suburi command.

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